Reducing Sugar Improves Children's Health in 10 Days

For quite some time, sugar has been suspected as being one of the primary causes of the obesity epidemic, as well as related to diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.

Though not easy to prove, many studies point in that direction.

The latest is a study, published in the journal Obesity, which had forty-three children with obesity and metabolic syndrome eat less sugar for ten days.

The kids had an equal amount of calories. The only difference was the sugar was replaced with starch.

The result was improvement in almost all factors related to health: better blood pressure, better blood sugar, and lower insulin levels, without any effect on weight.

All of this in only ten days, by reducing sugar, but not calories.

Is this more proof regarding the toxicity of sugar?

Note: The scientists replaced sugar with starch. Many have been led to believe sugar and starch are equally unhealthy. Though starch quickly turns into sugar (glucose), it contains no fructose. This study shows sugar to be the culprit.

Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™