ProPeas is Premium Protein


Anyone can go to their local Everything-Mart and pick up a gigantic tub of whey protein powder for about fifty bucks. 

It seems like a good deal because that tub is huge and there is so much protein in it.

However, a series of lawsuits have revealed a lot of the name-brand protein makers may not have been making as much protein as they have advertised.

Recently, an article published in Forbes looked at the string of lawsuits brought against some of the top protein supplement makers, alleging in order to save money, they have been “protein spiking,” using fillers like nitrogen and free-form amino acids (the building-blocks of protein), instead of actual protein.

According to these allegations, some companies are producing protein powders with less than half the protein that’s advertised. Others have been accused of adding (non-harmful) ingredients, without putting them on the label, a practice that’s illegal.

The problems seem to have started when the price of the material needed for whey protein supplements increased.

Instead of raising their prices in a competitive retail market, the companies allegedly used cheaper filler or increased the nitrogen in the product. (Protein is often measured indirectly by examining nitrogen content). The lawsuits are still pending, so we will have to see what becomes of this scandal.

For several years now, The AIM Companies has been selling premium pea protein in the form of ProPeas. 

AIM is consistent in their commitment to quality, honesty and integrity. Their tubs are a little smaller than those large retail ones you'll find at the drug or department store, but you can always count on AIM to provide exactly what’s on the label. 

AIM has been selling all-natural whole-food supplements for over forty years. You don't spend all those hours in the gym, sweating, running and throwing up weights, only to waste your time with low-quality protein powders.

If you're willing to put extra effort building up your body, isn't it also worth switching to a premium protein like ProPeas?

ProPeas is 12 grams of clean, vegan, non-GMO pea protein in every serving. It's worth its weight in muscle.

P.S. ProPeas is a vegetable protein powder made from non-GMO field peas. It is allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low in cabohydrates and low in sugar.

Not only does ProPeas have a vanilla flavor, it also digests much slower than whey protein, so you are fuller for a longer period of time.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™