Does Weight Training Help Deter Dementia?

According to a study out of Australia, high intensity weight training may improve the mental facilities in older people who struggle with mild cognitive impairment, a possible precursor to dementia.

Participants who lifted weights during this six-month study saw overall improvement in cognitive functioning abilities like planning, organizing, and visual memory.

Subjects continued to see benefits even a year after the study.

Researchers believe the hormones that build muscles released during weight training might be responsible for the increase in brain functioning.

P.S. Scientists have also been examining beet juice and its ability to improve blood flow to the brain through nitric oxide production.

Due to the aging process, certain areas of the brain do not receive an adequate supply of blood, a common symptom of cognitive dysfunction and dementia.

A study found drinking beet juice helped get blood into into those areas.

So beet juice can not only help with weightlifting, it can also supply the brain with the blood it needs for thinking, pondering and imagining.
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