BarleyLife Xtra is Real Food

Any supplement you or your kids take should be made from real food. This is the only way your body can absorb the vitamins

When it comes to nutrition and your health, absorption is everything. It's not what's in your vitamins - it's what vitamins end up in you. 

This separates a good supplement from the Amazon and grocery store cheapies.

Over 90 percent of the vitamins on the market today are not fully absorbed by the body. 

What's the point of taking a supplement if your body cannot use it?

P.S. By the way, natural is not the same as real-food based. 

There is no FDA definition of "natural", so many products can be labeled "natural" and still be useless for consumers.

The trouble with "natural" is a company can start with a natural source, like a plant, then heat it so much the enzymes die.

Or a manufacturer can add chemicals or other artificial ingredients and still call it "natural."

That's why today the word essentially has no meaning.

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