Welcome Back, Fat!

An article in the highly respected scientific journal, Journal of the American Medical Association, urges authorities to to remove restrictions on the amount of dietary fat.

From the article:

The limit on total fat presents an obstacle to sensible change, promoting harmful low-fat foods, undermining attempts to limit intakes of refined starch and added sugar, and discouraging the restaurant and food industry from providing products higher in healthful fats. It is time for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services to develop the proper signage, public health messages, and other educational efforts to help people understand that limiting total fat does not produce any meaningful health benefits and that increasing healthful fats, including more than 35 percent of calories, has documented health benefits. Based on the strengths of accumulated new scientific evidence and consistent with the new DGAC report, a restructuring of national nutritional policy is warranted to move away from total fat reduction and toward healthy food choices, including those higher in healthful fats.

Fat is back. Natural, old-fashioned, saturated fat.

Note: Healthy fats include avocados, whole eggs (grass-fed), fatty fish, almonds, coconut oil, full-fat yogurt, fatty meat (grass-fed/pastured animals), full-fat cheeses, dark chocolate (organic and high cocoa content), and grass-fed butter (Kerrygold).
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