How To Feel Great in Your Old Age

"My name is Janice Gravely. In May 2015, I had my ninety-fourth birthday, but when I was seventy-five, I felt old.

I had four degenerative diseases and I had a hard time fulfilling my speaking engagements that took me all over the United States, to China, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Europe.

But one day, my hostess in New Orleans packed me a little insulated bag with something she called Barleygreen® and fresh carrot juice. Between radio dates and lunch, she had me drink the combination and it was good.

Between lunch and the dinner meeting, she gave me another glass of the cold, delicious juice and I felt fine for each occasion. I wasn’t even tired when I went to bed.

She saw me off on the airplane with Barleygreen and information about The AIM Companies and their fine support.

That was nineteen years ago, but now it’s called BarleyLife. It was a new life for me.

With some diet changes and adding BarleyLife and carrot juice, I began to feel better all the time. After about three months, I noticed that my bladder control had returned! That told me that my brain once again could tell my nerves going down to my bladder to open and close, and that the muscles involved were strong enough to obey. My whole system worked better.

The next physical exam replaced the osteoporosis label with osteopenia, as in the onset of osteoporosis - not brittle bones. The thyroid was normal and the irregular heartbeat smoothed out.

Those were just the things we could measure. My sense of well-being improved, and my sleep was more refreshing. My whole quality of life improved, thanks to BarleyLife.

Since then, The AIM Companies has added both beets and carrots to the BarleyLife to replace juicing*.

And thanks to my friend who introduced me to BarleyLife.

So I hope you will thank me for introducing you to this life-changing lifestyle of BarleyLife that can carry you through to ripe old age feeling great."

Janice Gravely is a graduate of UCLA, where she received her degree in English. She is an international speaker and author of the book, "Won’t Somebody Help Me!", a personal biography of how she miraculously made a crash landing in Henderson, North Carolina, after her husband died at the controls of their small airplane - one that she did not know how to fly.

Her story was heard on Paul Harvey and published in Reader's Digest, Guideposts, and numerous other publications.

*Note: In addition to BarleyLife®, The AIM Companies™ offers the products Redibeets® and Just Carrots®, which many people prefer rather than juicing the vegetables themselves. These three nutritional supplements are known as the Garden Trio®.

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