"We're thankful for AIM products and wouldn't want to be without them!"

Eli and Verna Miller have been produce farmers for years. They learned about The AIM Companies through Eli's father, Henry Miller. He became an AIM Member in 1989.

Eli and Verna have been interested in the natural approach to health for a number of years. Verna had breast cancer in 1996 and Eli was diagnosed with non-Hodgins lymphoma in 2007.

Even though they took some chemo treatments, Verna is convinced the AIM products were key in restoring their health.

Eli and Verna use a number of AIM supplements, but recommend Herbal Fiberbend and the Garden Trio as a basic foundation for health.

They also take CellSparc 360, PrepZymes, AIMega, FloraFood, CranVerry+, and Renewed Balance.

Most of the Miller family uses some AIM supplements. After all, their hundred-year-old grandfather, Henry Miller, has taken AIM’s green barley powder for twenty-five years. That is a testimony in itself.

Verna says, "We're thankful for AIM products and wouldn't want to be without them!"

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Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™