"I have never felt so good!"


"I'm twenty-two years old and currently a child/youth worker student. This is my last year and so I am looking forward to graduation! I am living with one roommate and have an amazing boyfriend who will hopefully in the next year be my husband.

I heard about the AIM products through Barbara Bird. She was posting updates on Facebook about health food and products and what they can do. I was frustrated and was about to block her updates when I saw her update about the enzymes and benefits to digestion.

The doctors here in Canada had just told me that unless some miracle happened, I was going to die by Christmas. Through stress I had worn out all my organs. I had fluid and infections everywhere and surrounding all my organs as well. The damage was quite substantial. 

For now they could only help me become more comfortable. I was twenty-one and quite honestly I didn’t want to die. There are tons of things I still want to do.

So, I messaged Barbara Bird, thinking what did I really have to lose. I was desperate to try anything and why worry about the cost, when I was supposed to die anyway? I might as well try to help myself and since digestion was one of my issues and stomach pain was so constant, I figured at least get the enzymes.

I bought everything I needed for weight loss plus a bit extra. My first order was humongous and it was quite overwhelming, trying to figure out when and how to take all these products. I figured things out and quite frankly, I have never felt so good!

I have lost fifty-five pounds using the AIM weight loss products. I decided to cleanse my body using the My Busy Healthy Life 21-day cleanse at around the same time. I have just started the cleanse again. Detoxing from sugar, wheat, corn, milk and other substances made this difficult and the AIM products made me feel good and full. I have so many allergies that being that careful made eating very difficult and I felt like I was on a liquid diet.

My favorite AIM product is BarleyLife Xtra. It has a bit sweeter taste than BarleyLife. I use it twice daily during “snack” time. I put it in a shaker bottle with water. This allows me to actually feel full, but also helps me with how much I eat at meal times too.

At this stage I am feeling okay, but I am determined to lose the last forty pounds. I am right in the middle and I definitely plateaued for the past few weeks and have recently just started losing weight again. When I take these products, I feel good." - Kesha Smit, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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