The Power of Cocoa Leafgreens

CoCoa LeafGreens has enormous antioxidant power. A single ORAC test will not fully measure all of them.

One innovative test examines all five major free radicals: peroxyl, superoxide anion, hydroxyl, singlet oxygen, and peroxynitrite.

This total ORAC score measures the phytonutrients (plant medicines) of CoCoa LeafGreens and its ability to counteract these free radicals and maintain a healthy immune system.

CoCoa LeafGreens contains 16,634 total ORAC per day, which represents a unique and diverse combination of antioxidants (cancer fighters).

P.S. There are three different types of cocoa powders in CoCoa LeafGreens, as well as a blend of broccoli sprouts, barley, spinach, faba bean and field pea.

It's greens that taste like chocolate! What could be better than that?
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