Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Vitamins and minerals are not optional for good health, they are necessary for good health. Yet most Americans do not get even basic, recommended amounts. 
Research shows:
  • 93 percent have inadequate intakes of vitamin E 

  • 80 percent are not consuming enough magnesium 

  • 75 percent do not meet recommendations for calcium intake 

  • 44 percent are lacking adequate intake of vitamin A 

  • 31 percent do not get enough of vitamin C 

  • 73 percent do not get adequate intake of vitamin K 

  • Less than 5 percent gets an adequate intake of potassium 

So do you still think we're getting proper levels of nutrition?

In 1982, The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants, such as barley grass, carrots and beets, to deliver to the body concentrated nutrition.

They developed a way to juice these plants and air dry them, preserving the maximum amount of nutrients. It’s then made easy to consume, in the form of veggie capsules or powder.

AIM makes any dietary lifestyle, whether good or bad, significantly better. Why not put the odds for good health in your favor?

Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™