"We noticed we got to the end of June and no one had been sick."

"Prior to March 1994 we spent thousands of dollars on vitamins, minerals, naturopaths, Chinese herbs, chiropractors, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

When our two younger children were sick for the whole month of February 1995, that's when I said that's enough.

Ron and I had been using BarleyLife, Carrots, Beets plus Fiberblend for a year and saw many benefits. At the end of February, the children started taking the BarleyLife, Carrots and Beets. We noticed we got to the end of June and no one had been sick.

Our children spent two weeks at our church camp in the summer and they usually got sick because of living so closely with other children, plus changing weather. Those sick days ended. No one was sick the beginning of September, which was the common occurrence and by the time December came around it really was quite amazing.

We were never junk food eaters. I had a garden, cooked our meals from scratch, no processed foods, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. But for some reason, our bodies were lacking.

When we started to use AIM's whole food concentrates, that's when we really saw huge improvements. Ron had severe allergies to dairy cows, dry hay and straw. We were dairy farmers and sold our farm in 1993 and bought our present farm, which is a chicken farm.

Ron can bed the chicken barns with old hay or straw and it doesn’t bother him any more. He also helps at our neighbour's dairy barn feeding cows. They use dry hay and bed with straw.

Since we have used the AIM supplements, he no longer has problems with asthma, which is now something completely in the past." - Ron and Mary Weber, Palmerston, Ontario

P.S. The Garden Trio is made up of three essential juices - barley grass, carrots, and beets. 

This nutritious trio provides the nutrients you need for whole-body health. 

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