Longer Telomeres For a Healthy Life

How long are your telomeres and why should they be long?

Telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes, keeping DNA from unravelling and affecting the speed at which your cells age. 

The shorter your telomeres, the shorter life you live and the poorer your health. 

The longer your telomeres, the longer you live in good health.

The fact is telomeres are not easy to measure. You would have to undergo specialized diagnostic testing to determine their length.

The good news is it's not necessary to have them measured, because a scientific study has proven you can increase the measurable length of your telomeres by making four lifestyle changes.

How To Lengthen Your Telomeres

1. Eat a whole-food based diet.

2. Exercise moderately, such as walking 20 to 30 minutes a day.

3. Manage stress, including yoga, meditation, or prayer.

4. Get more social support, love and intimacy in your life.

These sound similar to the Healthy Cell Concept, promoted for decades by The AIM Companies. 

If you want to lengthen your telomeres (and your life), begin making these changes. This can be accomplished at any age.

The Research

Following a group of thirty-five men with early-stage prostate cancer, scientists conducted a five-year pilot study on the positive effects of these lifestyle changes at the PMRI and the UC San Francisco, a university exclusively focused on health.

In the control group of people that did not make these four changes, their telomeres became three percent shorter. Those who made these lifestyle changes increased the length of their telomeres by almost ten percent. It's as simple as that.

The study also showed the greater the lifestyle changes, the better the results. Thirty-six years of studies have also revealed making such changes can reverse conditions such as heart disease and prostate cancer. The proof is in the research.

The use of high technology has shown simple, low-tech methods of improving your health may be the most effective, proving your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself.

Whether you choose to live your life this way for healing or prevention, science has proven the benefits of making these lifestyle changes.

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Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™