CalciAIM - Gift of Health to Mom

Moms have a lot of jobs to do that never seem to end. From sunup until long after sundown, the demands of motherhood take a toll.

In general, women tend to be more calcium deficient than men. And having so little time to look after themselves, moms are especially prone to missing out on this essential mineral.

Along with keeping teeth and bones healthy, CalciAIM promotes fat burning, reduces fat storage, supports hormonal balance, and contributes to heart health.

In addition to calcium, each serving provides vitamin D, magnesium and zinc - all necessary nutrients in order to fully absorb the calcium.

CalciAIM powder creates a 98 percent absorbable calcium drink - unlike caplets and tablets, which are only twenty to thirty percent absorbable.

Give the gift of health to Mom this May with CalciAIM.

P.S. It takes four things to make strong bones: protein, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. 

The key is how well your body absorbs these key nutrients.

CalciAIM is a highly absorbable supplement for proper skeletal function, muscle function and overall wellness.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™