"I've been cancer-free ever since."


"My life has always been and always will be in God's hands. I thank Him daily for seeing me through many difficult challenges. At times I never thought that I would see fifty and here I am enjoying an active life at sixty-seven.

In 1969, when I had two lumps removed from my neck, I assumed this was the end of my problem. However this was not the case. Six years later, I found out I had familial medullar thyroid cancer, a hereditary condition that had not been diagnosed earlier. My younger sister succumbed to treatment for this same cancer in 2009. Her two children and my youngest son also were diagnosed.

I had a complete thyroidectomy and removal of the infected area at this time, hoping that I would find good health. However, in 1997 I had gall bladder problems, an infected liver, pneumonia, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and a hysterectomy, resulting in many hospital visits. I placed myself in God's Hands and made it through a very slow recovery.

June of 2006 found me on the operating table again to remove more nodes from my neck, eight of which were malignant. A short time prior to the operation, I was introduced to BarleyLife. This time my recovery from surgery was fast. I give credit to the BarleyLife that I was drinking regularly.

I was amazed at how much energy it gave me as well as an overall good feeling. I had one more node removed the following year and I've been cancer-free ever since.

I have also been taking Proancynol 2000. I have arthritis in my hands and after trying many things I found the Frame Essentials relieved the pain better than anything else.

Many people rush through life and miss the beautiful, small things. I enjoy gardening, canoeing, hiking and camping. I continue to pray, take my AIM products, have yearly medical tests and remain cancer-free. My last test was December 19, 2013.

I continue to meet life's challenges as I continue to put my life in God's hands." - Emmie Bowers, Atwood, Ontario

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