Why Do We Get Hungry?

"People aren't obese because they like being obese and diets don't fail because people dislike being slim and healthy. Diets fail because hunger overrides our other motivations.

Hunger doesn't exist to make us fat: it exists to keep us alive. If we're continually hungry, it's because our cells need something they're not getting - whether due to eating the wrong foods, not absorbing nutrients in those foods, or being unable to use energy from our fat stores to make up the difference.

How and why this happens and what we can do about it, has been the subject of my research for several years…and it's become clear that the pattern of eating recommended by government and the medical-industrial complex is extremely efficient at producing hunger despite high calorie intake.

One of my favorite statistics: a regular Jamba Juice contains the same number of calories as a Quarter Pounder." - J. Stanton, BA and author

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