Need More Energy? Try ProPeas.

A vegetable protein powder made from field peas is ProPeas. 

Pea protein boosts energy and powers you through any slump. It can be added to smoothies to also increase metabolism, manage weight and maintain muscle mass.

Made from non-GMO, field peas grown in Canada, ProPeas is allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low in carbohydrates and low in sugar.

P.S. Why does our body need protein?

One reason is it makes antibodies, which help fight harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins and other foreign substances. 

Protein also helps your body produce enzymes, which are necessary for you to breathe, drink and digest food.

What People Are Saying

"Just put back a scoop of this with fit n fiber and cocoa leaf greens after my work out!" - Martin Benning, mountain climber and cancer survivor

"It's part of my daily smoothie! Being a vegetarian, it is the BEST source of plant protein." - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"It's so good for you." - Gloria Dowling Kyne, San Antonio, Texas

To learn more about ProPeas, a vegetable protein powder made from field peas, Click Here.
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