A Creative Way for Kids to get Their Green Vegetables

"Have you ever tried to get your children or grandchildren to drink anything green? We would try to hide the color in red bottles or purple sippy cups. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it didn't.

Well, I absolutely love AIM's delicious tasting CoCoa LeafGreens.

It was a brilliant idea to combine traditional LeafGreens with cocoa! Everyone loves chocolate! We mix it with almond milk or one-half cold water and one-half cold milk and shake. My grandkids think they are drinking chocolate milk. I just don't tell them that they’re drinking spinach juice and broccoli sprouts. It's my little secret.

I always order extra to keep my house stocked and to send some home with them.

Another reason we love CoCoa LeafGreens is because my husband and I started a new diet that requires us to eat six small meals a day, consisting of one complex carbohydrate combined with one protein.

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the go. Using CoCoa LeafGreens mixed with ProPeas vegetable protein as one of our six meals is an easy meal. Just mix and go. It is great-tasting and keeps us full until the next meal.

I recommend this product to all my friends and especially those who have children and are looking for creative ways to get those vegetables in. How reassuring it is to hear kids say, "Can I have some more chocolate milk?" - Ann and Ron Sontag, Houston, Texas
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™