The Shortcut To Better Health

The Secret Ingredient of a Healthy Diet

The struggle to maintain good internal health is made difficult by the fact that we simply cannot see what is going on inside our bodies. Though we may not be able to see the progress a healthy diet and sound nutrition are making, we can test it.

Body pH test strips measure the alkalinity or acidity of our bodies. Through either a saliva test or a urine test, the test strips are able to gauge how well our internal health is doing and give us an idea of what we have to shoot for.

Body pH is an ideal indicator of overall body health.
Since pH affects the way our bodies function on the cellular level, maintaining a healthy pH is essential to warding off disease, protecting the immune and nervous systems, and establishing a clean bill of health.

The Essential Value of a Healthy pH

pH runs on a scale of zero to 14 with seven being pH neutral. Anything under seven is considered acidic and anything over seven is alkaline. In general, a healthy pH level will be slightly alkaline, around 7.4. This level matches the pH of human blood, which must remain in the range of 7.35 to 7.45 for bodies to survive.

A system of safeguards in the body prevents blood pH from dipping above or below the normal, but the rigors of a highly acidic diet still have a deep impact on health. If a saliva test shows a pH that falls into the acidic range, that person’s body is working overtime to fight off the additional acid. Calcium and other body elements are needed to neutralize the effect of a highly acidic diet, and this process of continual repair can take its toll over the years. Not only does an acid pH rob the body of valuable nutrients, it also creates an environment in the body that breeds bacteria, yeast, and other unwanted organisms.

For this reason, alkalizing diets are recommended. The foods and beverages we consume have either an acidifying or alkalizing effect on our body pH. In general, fruits and vegetables are the leaders in creating an alkalizing effect. Grains, animal foods and processed foods carry an acidic effect. With this in mind, it is easy to see how a typical American diet - high in processed foods, animal protein and grains - can become highly acidic.

Whole-food nutritional products are one effective way to help return the body to its natural, slightly alkaline state. Certain elements in the foods we eat are often held responsible for the acidifying or alkalizing effect on our bodies. The alkalizing elements, which absorb hydrogen, include sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Make An Immediate Impact On Your Health

A healthy diet with health-conscious choices can make a big impact on restoring normal body pH.

Making good choices with your diet and supplementing with AIM nutritional supplements will give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy body pH. Take a pH test to see where you stand, and follow up with a plan to alkalize your body. The struggle to maintain internal health is a lot easier when you know what needs fixing and how to fix it.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™