A Strategy For Living Well

Have a plan.

This one rule has helped Celeste Davis from Merrill, Oregon lead others to health and wellness with AIM nutritional supplements. Her straightforward way to better living is an essential part of her sharing.

"People work on systems," Celeste said. "My strongest suit is helping people develop a system that they can maintain."

For herself, Celeste found a system that helped her lose seventy-six pounds. A primary component was juicing. Her healthy lifestyle led her to become a certified health coach. She began helping others to achieve weight loss and health turnarounds. Through this process, she began to notice the significant drawbacks to juicing.

"People get tremendous results when they juice, but they often don't stick with it," Celeste said. "It's very labor intensive and expensive. The majority of people couldn't continue juicing."

So Celeste went looking for an alternative.

Mary Arnold, a friend of Celeste's, told her about nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies and how AIM whole-food concentrates can replicate the benefits of juicing with less cost, time and hassle. Celeste and her husband, Phil, tested the products.

"We took the Garden Trio for breakfast, a ProPeas shake with fit ‘n fiber for lunch, and Herbal Fiberblend," Celeste said. "We felt great! Besides the AIM drinks, we only needed to do one meal a day. We really didn't have any problems. That convinced me this is easy to do."

The next step was to introduce the products to her clients.

"We were getting the same results with AIM as we did when we were juicing," Celeste said. "People who go through my program have lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar within ten days. They can reduce the effects of diabetes and lower cholesterol. AIM's powder juices were getting the same results.

"I tested that program on thirty people and had fantastic weight loss and health turnarounds."

Celeste's program, called My Busy Healthy Life, now features AIM products at the core. The four month program is designed to put people on the path to wellness with a Biblically-based diet, cleansing and healthy living. The featured AIM supplements are BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets, Herbal Fiberblend, AIMega, ProPeas and fit 'n fiber.

She continues to find new clients for her program through the relationships she has built with physicians who refer patients to her for help with nutrition.

It should come as no surprise that Celeste has a plan for continuing to grow with AIM.

"The people who have worked with me have experienced profound changes. They know from experience that it works," Celeste said.

Have a plan. Persevere. The blueprint for the health of Celeste Davis has been successful for her. And it can be successful for you too.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™