Microwave and The Risk Of Cancer by Dr. Janey Little

"The ubiquitous microwave oven, loved for its convenience in defrosting, reheating and preparing meals in a matter of minutes, may not be quite the indispensable kitchen asset you once thought.

Based on an alternating current, the microwave oven creates an electromagnetic radiation that forces the atoms, molecules and cells within the food to reverse polarity over a billion times per second. This remarkably high frequency creates an oscillating action of the molecules within the food and the high friction created as a result is the reason why microwave ovens can so quickly generate heat in food.

However, the cells and molecules within food are delicate and cannot withstand this violent force. As a result, the food molecules are torn apart and rearranged into new chemical compositions that are foreign to the human body.

Unable to recognize these new configurations or radiolytic products (unknown fusions, not found in nature and resulting from radiation) that are created as a result of the action of the microwaves, the body is not able to utilize it as food and instead, deposits it in and around the cells as toxic (or effectively nuclear) waste.

This has numerous, undesirable effects on the body:
  • The nutritional value of the food is significantly reduced (by 60-90 percent)
  • Brain-damaging radiolytics are created
  • Hemoglobin levels of the blood are reduced (hemoglobin is crucial for its role in carrying oxygen to all the cells of the body)
  • Your immune system which is so crucial in protecting the body from cancer and other illnesses is suppressed
  • Cancer-forming free radicals are released causing a higher percent of cancerous cells in the blood
  • Disorders of the digestive system are caused (including stomach and intestinal cancers)
Initial symptoms may present in the form of memory loss, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance, depression, migraines, disconnected thoughts/attention disorders, reproductive disorders, high blood pressure etc and over time, chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease or cancer may develop.

And if this were not enough, all microwave ovens have unavoidable leaks of radiation into the environment causing radiation to you when standing in front of it.

According to the Forensic Research Document of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC):

'The effects of microwaved food by-products are long-term and permanent within the human body. Minerals, vitamins and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.'

When microwaves destroy the nutritional content of our food, our cells are starved of nutrients and our immune system is overburdened with dealing with a build-up of this unrecognizable toxic waste in the body.

When we consider that this process of toxin accumulation in and around the cells contributes to the suffocation of cells from oxygen - the primary cause of cancer - it leads one to ask the question...could it be coincidence then that the cancer epidemic is most prevalent in the countries of the western world that rely so heavily on the microwave oven?

In summary, if vibrant health is something you aspire to, the microwave oven must be considered an insidious threat to long term health and simply has no place in your home." - Dr. Janey Little, 'The Cancer Coach'
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