What People Are Saying About The New Cocoa LeafGreens

The reviews are in and CoCoa LeafGreens is a smash hit!

The the new chocolaty green drink offers a delicious blend of antioxidant-rich cocoa and healthful greens, making for the best-tasting AIM nutritional supplement yet.

What People Are Saying

"CoCoa LeafGreens is awesome! I love it! It mixes very well with either almond or rice milk - even water - and tastes like chocolate milk!" - Sue from Washington

"I have only been taking Cocoa LeafGreens for a couple of weeks and I love it! Mixing with milk it tastes just like a glass of chocolate milk! Cocoa LeafGreens has a great taste, contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamins that are going to help me stay even healthier." - Carlene from New York

"We are all so excited that CoCoa LeafGreens tastes just like a chocolaty treat - no green taste at all. Even my little fourteen-month-old granddaughter loves the flavor of Cocoa LeafGreens and asks for it when she sees me taking it. I can’t wait to mix it up every afternoon as my afternoon snack. I feel like I’m getting a taste treat, and not at all like I am taking a green drink." - Cathy from Idaho

"I am a 'choco-holic' and CoCoa LeafGreens is all I need! Thanks to AIM for this new product, for 'delivering' me from my chocolate addiction." - Judith from California

"I mixed the Cocoa LeafGreens with my ProPeas and fit 'n fiber and it was delicious!" - Jodi from Washington

"With my first taste of Cocoa LeafGreens, my taste buds said 'WOW' and I thought to myself, 'This is a winner because even children will like this.' When I believe in something, I know I can sell it, so right away I ordered eight canisters.

My favourite way to use it is mixed in almond milk along with AIM ProPeas. It mixes well and tastes just like a 'healthy' chocolate milkshake! It is wonderful to have a great-tasting, green nutrition drink that both children and adults can enjoy." - Muriel from Ontario, Canada

CoCoa LeafGreens is available to purchase as a single canister or a six-pack (6092E).

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