"...the swelling has definitely gone down."

"Sometime ago, not sure when exactly, but at least over a week ago, I noticed a humungous swollen, bruise on my left calf muscle.

It was very colourful, being black, blue and dark purple, not a pretty sight. It was 4" long and 2" wide.

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of where I got it from. It was not painful and didn't ache at all, thank goodness. I wondered how to get rid of it and thought of Cell Wellness Restorer right away.

I slathered the magnesium liquid at least twice a day on it.

Just yesterday I noticed it has all turned a soft pink, and the swelling has definitely gone down. Thank goodness, as I was worried about it being a huge blood clot and all that could cause.

Thank you AIM for these wonderful healing products. (From what I've read and heard from AIM experts on this subject, magnesium relaxes the muscles, restores the body to balance and brings the body to ease. So somehow I guess I needed to be renewed!)" - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario

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