Dads Talk About BarleyLife

For nutritional support, dads of all ages have found The AIM Companies delivers the nutrients they need to maintain an active lifestyle. AIM dads share how nutrition from supplements such as BarleyLife and the Garden Trio have helped them.

"AIM just seems like it's part of my life now, but back when I first began, I remember people thought it was weird. When they heard about BarleyLife, they would ask, 'What are you doing to your body?' Now, they see the difference. They notice I have lots of energy. They ask if I dye my hair. People think I'm ten years younger than I am. Whenever I encounter someone who is skeptical of AIM, I tell them to try the products and be patient. I feel great. You can, too. With AIM, I know I'm helping people. I don't know what our time's worth here on earth, but if I spend my time helping people, I'm doing the right thing." - James Dobney, Adrian, Oregon

"BarleyLife is still working in my body just the same as it was thirty years ago. I get a kick out of it every time I take it. As a dad, father and grandfather, you want to do the best thing that you can for your kids. I'm proud to say BarleyLife is something I have been able to transfer to my kids. It's an advantageous thing for me to see that I have left a heritage out of the BarleyLife company for my children and my grandchildren. It's been a great life to be able to hold the position I have with those kids and they really honor me and look up to me. The good Lord has been good to us through BarleyLife and AIM." - Jim Kling, Nampa, Idaho

"My boys told me they could see a big difference in me when I started taking AIM products. They said they wished I could have taken AIM products when they were growing up. I was with my middle son on a boys camp out. The camp leader was a professional rock climber and he could hardly believe that I got around as well as I did. We got into some places he didn't think I could manage. The last several years, I've been able to do some incredible things with my sons. We took a kayak trip for ten miles. We biked twenty-two miles. We went down a rock slide. I have more energy with Peak Endurance. I couldn't have done any of this without AIM supplements." - Keith Thompson, Sugarcreek, Ohio

"It's amazing to see what eating better and supplementing with BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend has done to our family’s overall health. I believe one of the best gifts a parent can give a child is the knowledge of what will help make them successful one day. Such a huge part of success, in my mind, is living in a way that reduces our chance of being sick and encourages good health. You can't put a price tag on your health. We believe it is imperative to show our girls the right way to eat and be healthy, not just to talk about it. It is our belief that most times there is a direct correlation to one's quality and length of life - two things we care deeply about." - Zach Kosturos, Tumwater, Washington

"In 1987, when we were introduced to AIM's green barley juice, I was not excited about the taste, but I was excited about the concentrated nutrition to be found in a single source of whole food. I always take it faithfully and I still enjoy the benefits over twenty-five years later. I also enjoy many other AIM products. One of my favorites is PrepZymes. As we age, our digestion needs more help and I found a huge difference when I started taking PrepZymes with every meal. My advice would be the same as for the other products: 'Take what your body needs!' This is especially important if you are fighting a flu bug. If that's the case for me, I take four or five PrepZymes on an empty stomach several times throughout the day and the flu bug is history." - Hilton Smith, Oshawa, Ontario

"Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was told I needed surgery to remove it immediately. After getting a second opinion from a naturopathic doctor, I was told it was not aggressive at all. Along with initial IV treatments from the naturopath and using AIM products like the Garden Trio, Proancynol 2000, ReAssure and Herbal Fiberblend, I have never had to have surgery. An important factor as well is to keep my pH balanced. I am thankful that I have been able to keep a very active lifestyle. I am now in my seventy-fifth year and younger men envy my strength and stamina. I don't know where I would be today without the AIM products." - George McPherson, Ontario

"My wife, Cheryl, and I were snowmobiling in the mountains this winter. On either side of my snowmobile I have AIM's stickers that say, 'Nutrition That Works - BarleyLife.' A guy saw them and stopped to talk about losing his wife to cancer at age forty-one and how he had turned his life around to nutrition. He asked me what BarleyLife did for me. I told him I wouldn't be here in these mountains at age seventy-two doing this but for BarleyLife. I told him that I can do this better now, with less pain, than I could twenty-five years ago. When I stop to talk to the young bucks, you should see them do a double take when I take my helmet off and they see my age." - Ken Huxter, Newfoundland, Canada

"I've been working as a professional fireman for over ten years. It's a physically demanding, high-stress job and you really need to stay in shape to handle working sixty to eighty hours a week. About six years ago, my wife, Kathleen, introduced me to BarleyLife. I really noticed the difference in my energy levels and I feel it helps with my overall well-being. I took a lot of ribbing from my colleagues at the fire hall, but when I talked to them one-on-one at the gym, they were really curious about BarleyLife. I guess they see the difference it made. It has also made a difference for our two children. Robert and Alexandra are really healthy. When our kids see Kathleen and me taking BarleyLife in the morning, they want theirs, too. They enjoy their green drinks." - Kevin Ekman, British Columbia

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.

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