Still Cancer-Free after Two Years

Imagine being told by doctors that you have between six to twelve months to live.

Diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor in February 2010, thirty-eight year-old Timothy Young was given less than a year to live.

With the help of prayer and The AIM Companies, he defied the odds, sharing his experiences in a cover story for the February 2012 issue of Living Well magazine.

At this point in time, Timothy has lived over two years beyond his predicted death.

When asked how he was doing, Timothy responded, "Fantastic!"

His upbeat take on what life has dealt him may be a reflection of his strong faith, which, along with lifestyle disciplines, has greatly contributed to his state of good health.

"Sometimes you have to look at the ugly side of life to experience the best it has to offer."

Timothy has beaten the most deadly form of brain tumors.

"On December 17, 2012, I had my sixteenth MRI showing that I'm cancer-free."

A mistake often made by those with a serious health problem is to stop taking AIM supplements once they are given a clean bill of health, going back to old ways that may have been the source of disease. 

However, Timothy knows better.

"I first heard about AIM in April 2010 at the MD Anderson Cancer Clinic," recalled Timothy. "I was told that it was a top-notch organization with first-class products that I still take every day - five LeafGreens capsules in the morning and five at night, as well as three capsules of GarlicAIM and two capsules of Proancynol 2000."

He has completely eliminated soft drinks from his diet, avoiding artificial sweeteners and limiting his intake of red meat. 

"I'm quite disciplined about the lifestyle changes I made."

One thing beyond his control was the seizures he used to have once every six months. This prevented him from driving a vehicle, impacting his job as a police instructor in Kilgore, Texas.

"Having a seizure is like being hit with a Taser," explained Timothy, who still takes anti-seizure medications to be on the safe side. His last episode happened on October 1, 2011. He waited the required-by-law six months and added a few more before getting back behind the wheel in May 2012.

"This has been the most dramatic change in my life in the past year."

At Timothy's last medical visit, his doctor said, "You are doing fantastic. Whatever you are doing, keep it up."

And this is exactly Timothy's plan for the future.

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