Help Keep Your Skin From Aging and Developing Wrinkles

According to a study from the Netherlands, vitamin K plays a role in maintaining skin elasticity. 

In fact, it may help the skin from aging and developing wrinkles, particularly those who suffer from PXE, a condition of severe wrinkling of the skin on the face and body.

A high level of Vitamin K can be found in BarleyLife.

Another study from the University of Texas, shows elderly people who supplement their diet with a full range of essential amino acids - the building blocks of the body - can increase their lean body mass and improve muscle mass, strength and function.

BarleyLife contains a variety of essential amino acids and much more. 

P.S. Vitamin K comes from leafy green vegetables. 

It has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve bone health, stop oxidative cell death, slow the rate of age-related cognitive decline, boost memory and play a significant role in blood clotting.

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