Childhood Obesity, Type II Diabetes and Magnesium Deficiency

Type II Diabetes has risen over 14 percent in the last two years.

In a study titled "Magnesium Deficiency," Dr. Milagros Huerta links magnesium deficiency to insulin resistance and the childhood obesity epidemic. This was the first study linking low magnesium levels to insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes.

Research showed 55 percent of obese children did not get enough magnesium from the foods they ate, compare with only 27 percent of lean children. Obese children had much lower magnesium levels in their blood than lean children. Children with lower magnesium levels had higher insulin resistance.

This study also showed extra body fat can prevent the body's cells from using magnesium to break down carbohydrates. This information does not only apply to children, but adults as well.

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