"No cold. No flu. No cough or upper respiratory 'anything.'"

"I must shout from the proverbial rooftop. I've been using AIM products now for sixteen months and not had so much as a sore throat. No cold. No flu. No cough or upper respiratory 'anything.' And, not even one of my usual two to four annual sinus infections.

Also, I've not suffered from hay fever last spring or this fall. This totally blows my mind. I usually end up being on antibiotics several times a year, and this has happened for the past thirty years. In fact, I haven't been on any antibiotics since starting AIM products. The AIM Companies truly does have products that work.

I take Herbal Fiberblend (a must for me to manage my severe irritable bowel syndrome), BarleyLife, LeafGreens (really helps my allergies), Proancynol 2000, and FloraFood - biggies for boosting my immune system. As well, I use GinkgoSense, Renewed Balance and AIMega for its omega-3 and-6 essential fatty acids.

My list of products also includes GlucoChrom, PrepZymes (when I do eat junk), Composure as needed (I have finally gotten off Xanax PTL), Frame Essentials as needed, and Cell Wellness Restorer for nightly foot soaks or to apply directly to sore muscles. Peak Endurance is my favorite product and a must every day for all these wonderful products and food to work effectively on a cellular level due to the ATP that decreases as we age.

It's important to know that I did not start out with all these products. I just added slowly. Some products last for a couple of months or more, so I am not buying all of these every single month.

Along with AIM supplementation, I made significant dietary and lifestyle changes. For example, I cut out caffeine, diet soda, most dairy, most gluten and most meat. I eat about seventy-five percent raw/organic as I can afford. I do regular exercise and get at least twenty minutes of sunshine daily. I've also improved my sleep habits, so I'm getting more rest. It's been very important to learn how to effectively manage my stress.

As a result of all the many health benefits I have received, I am so honored to share AIM products with my friends and family. Go AIM!" - Christine Horvath Miller, Chapin, South Carolina

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