A Question About The New Peak Endurance

"I have a question on the new Peak Endurance. The first ingredient is maltodextrin. Is this derived from corn? If so, is the corn organic or GMO free? Thanks!" - Nancy from St. Pete, Florida

"Hi Nancy, we use corn maltodextrin in Peak Endurance as a source of complex carbohydrate and it’s role in the formula is additional fuel for athletic performance. Both Gatorade® and Powerade® used the less desirable high fructose corn syrup as as a carbohydrate source until 2011, but Gatorade® has since switched to a sugar beet sourced sucrose-dextrose blend.

The old and new Peak Endurance has had fruit and flavor components that are dried on common corn maltodextrin it tests GMO-free with a detection limit of 0.1% Additionally, AIM Quality Assurance is currently in the process of testing and labeling a number of our products as GMO-free and Peak Endurance® is on our list for 2013 completion." - Quality Assurance and Product Development at The AIM Companies
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™