Zoë Soul Loves Nutrition That Works

Acting, dancing, modeling and more - AIM-sponsored celebrity Zoë Soul has little down time in her busy schedule. Still, she always makes time for one thing: nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies.

"Nutrition plays a huge role in my life because I have crazy long days, and after my days on set, I have to go the gym and do a workout, and I can't do that without good nutrition," Zoë said. "It's a huge factor in my life."

At just 15 years old, Zoë is already an accomplished dancer and actress. 

Her latest project is a role as a series regular on 'Read Between The Lines', a new family sitcom airing on the cable channel BET beginning this month. Zoë plays the daughter of a successful psychiatrist mom and NYU professor dad who are trying to juggle work, marriage, and parenthood. 

The show stars Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Theo on 'The Cosby Show') and Tracee Ellis Ross (daughter of Diana Ross).

"My first day on set filming the pilot I remember looking up to people I was working with and idolizing them," Zoë said. "I respect them so much, so I'll never forget that."

Zoë's place in show business and her connections through dance and visual arts have provided many opportunities to share her passion for nutrition. 

Her peers understand the need for extra energy. To be as busy as Zoë is day-in and day-out requires an extra boost - one that you can't get anywhere other than nutrition.

"My days are so long, they're never ending," Zoë said. "I had to find something that would get me through them. I don't like energy drinks. They're not for me. So I started taking AIM products, and when I did, I noticed a huge difference. I'll never go back to not taking them. They're always going to be a part of my life."

Zoë was introduced to the AIM products by her mother, Wilma Boomstra, who serves as the personal coach to AIM-sponsored speed skater J.R. Celski. Through that connection, Zoë and J.R. have developed a bond and a friendship and a mutual love for nutrition.

Among Zoë's favorite products are BarleyLife, AIMega, Peak Endurance and CalcAIM. Every morning, she mixes ProPeas and fit'n fiber in a shake.

"I take AIM products religiously every single day," Zoë said. "It's worth it."
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™