Using The Internet to Build The AIM Business

AIM Star Sapphire Director Erin Baty has built herself a budding AIM business using the convenience and accessibility of the Internet. 

How did she do it?

"Life is a team sport," Erin says about her AIM business.

Erin gives four key reasons for her success: quality of the website combined with knowledgeable customer service, encouraging sponsor support, AIM's wonderful customer support center, and the AIM website itself. Simply put, on the Internet it all must work together to add value.

"First of all, the website must be attractive to look at, and easy to navigate. Moreover, it must be up-to-date with the latest changes and new product lines. And it must be informative."

Conducting most all of her work online from her home in San Luis Obispo, California, Erin has not forgotten to be personal with potential customers and that a little care can go a long way.

"We send every new member a piece of snail mail," Erin says. "We learned from other AIM Members how important that personal touch can be.”

The impressive scale of her AIM membership is a testament to the way that she does business. Erin's website, which can be found at, is an all-encompassing resource for potential customers and clients. The site allows visitors to place orders, learn about products, ask questions, and become AIM Members.

There are helpful articles on topics ranging from cardiovascular health to senior wellness and virtually everything in between.

As the site has grown, so too has the need to get in touch with clients in different ways. Erin recently added a new toll free phone number to the website which is answered by her niece, AIM Director Mary Phillips.

Fortunately, she doesn't have to do all the work alone. Her husband, Mike, who is a retired U.S. Navy Master Chief, helps with technical issues and mailings and can fill in for Erin whenever she needs him. 

They work together replying to e-mails, returning phone calls, and organizing orders. Together, they make it work.

"He's always so great about fixing things," Erin says. "If I need a new monitor or have trouble with the computer, he's there to help. He's my little pack mule for love."

The decision to start a website did not arise out of a deep revelation or an entrepreneurial pipe dream. For the Batys, taking their AIM business online simply fit their schedules best.

"Between home schooling and taking the kids to sports practices, choir, and everything else, the time constraints would be too difficult to do it any other way," Erin says.

The Batys have two children, 16-year-old Alanna and 11-year old Liam, so finding time to run an AIM business can be a challenge. For Erin, the flexibility and scheduling freedom of the Internet are what sold her on using it as a business resource.

The other key element to Erin's success is her sponsor's support and guidance. 

Erin's sister Lisa, and brother-in-law Larry Brogan, deserve the credit. 

AIM Royal Emerald Director Lisa Brogan, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, helped get her online. Lisa did the web design for Erin's website. 

Without Lisa's influence, Erin would not be where she is today.

It was Lisa and Larry who introduced Erin and Mike to The AIM Companies. Lisa's husband, Larry, first discovered AIM while working as a firefighter. He immediately fell in love with AIM's green barley powder and raspberry Herbal Fiberblend. He was very excited to share the news with others.

He and Lisa have been AIM Members since 1998 and, as Royal Emerald Directors, they have shared the AIM news plenty since then. 

Lisa had to go a long way to spread the message to Erin. In 2000, the Batys were living in Japan. Mike was stationed at the Navy base in Yokosuka. When Lisa went to visit, she took along the AIM products and got Erin and Mike interested in finding out more.

Though they enjoyed taking the products, the Batys did not have a convenient, consistent way of receiving products or laying the foundation for their AIM business. Moving back to the United States changed everything.

In 2004, after they had returned to the U.S., Erin and Mike began a regular regimen of AIM products and haven't stopped since. 

Erin and Mike take a number of different AIM products each day including the Garden Trio, Herbal Fiberblend, GlucoChrom, CalciAIM, Peak Endurance, Renewed Balance, GarlicAIM, and CoCoa LeafGreens.

About the time that the Batys moved back to the U.S., they began looking for ways to start their AIM business. Going online, thanks to the help of Lisa, quickly became the best alternative, and the rest is history.

Furthermore, Erin attributes the great help from other Members, in particular the team led by Linda Cole that she joined during the Leadership Conference of 2004, in Scottsdale, Arizona. This group has really assisted with advice and encouragement, and it functions to this day.

She also credits participation in AIM's teleclasses for helping her learn networking, learn new techniques, and share ideas with successful peers who have gone before and discovered what worked.

"I would encourage people to attend the teleclasses and participate in AIMing Higher, as well as go to the annual conventions, because these events are so valuable," Erin says. 

"Look around the AIM organization. There is a wide variety of successful people within AIM who use different methods, and you can learn from each and every one of them."

Finally, "AIM Headquarters, in Nampa, is invaluable to our success," Erin says. 

The AIM Call Center (1-800-456-2462) has been instrumental as well as the AIM website. She never hesitates to call with questions or concerns because, as she says, "They are so helpful and always have the answer."

And her background (Erin received her degree in microbiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and worked as a medical technologist for several years) has given her an extra appreciation for AIM's quality assurance and the biochemistry that goes into the creation of AIM products.

When all is said and done, the Batys' AIM business success speaks for itself.

"I'm not a trailblazer," Erin says. "But I can recognize a well marked path to success and follow it faithfully and joyfully."
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™