Brother-In-Law Loses 25 Pounds After Removing Wheat From His Diet

This past Thanksgiving, I found out my brother-in-law had lost twenty-five pounds by removing wheat from his diet.

He initially went to see his doctor due to blood pressure issues, as well as a fluctuating heart rate.

His physician gave him a prescription medication for his symptoms.

However, Jeff said it made him feel worse, so he stopped taking it. He decided to try to reverse his symptoms by changing his diet.

When he stopped eating wheat, he did not change anything else. He did not exercise or do anything different, other than removing the wheat.

In addition, his weight loss took place over the course of several months. He was rather surprised at how easy it was to drop the pounds.

By the way, during the conversation, Jeff mentioned he had eaten wheat once since he had changed his diet. He went with his son to a pizza buffet one Saturday afternoon.

Afterwards, he felt bad for days. He claimed he would never make that mistake again.

So good job, Jeff! It's good to know you'll still be around next year for Thanksgiving!
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