A Story of Cartilage Restored

Ron Wright has experienced the first-hand restoration of damaged cartilage.

At age 14, he suffered a severe hip injury. It took a year to bring his hip function back to near-normal.

However, over the years, the cartilage in his hip deteriorated until, by age 69, he was in continual pain. 

Wright explains, "I found standing and walking difficult and was only getting one to two hours of sleep at night, due to the pain."

Wright sought a sports medicine specialist who told him his hip was basically functioning without cartilage, bone-on-bone. He recommended a hip replacement.

Not willing to take such drastic measures, Wright turned to the new Frame Essentials.

After two weeks of taking three capsules per day, Wright realized he was sleeping better and had less pain. 

He then sought a second opinion from another hip specialist.

Viewing the new x-ray, the doctor explained, "Mr. Wright, if I had your hip, I would not have a hip replacement. You have slight bone-on-bone contact on the side, but on the top there is cartilage. It's getting better."

When Ron Wright showed his doctor the Frame Essentials, the doctor validated the effectiveness of glucosamine in restoring cartilage.

Wright is now enjoying greater mobility, without pain, than he has in years.

Introducing Frame Essentials

If you are active - walking, running, biking, playing tennis, gardening, climbing mountains or working at physically demanding occupations - your joints are taking a pounding every single day. 

The cartilage that cushions and enables your joints to move comfortably is being challenged and perhaps even worn away by repeated movement or impact.

Wouldn't it be nice to do something now to stop the process of joint degeneration? 

Wouldn't it be great ten, twenty, or even thirty years from now to enjoy the same (or better) mobility you enjoy today? 

It's possible with Frame Essentials.

Our lifestyles demand performance - producing the greatest results human efforts can achieve - with little regard for the consequences of our exertions. We push our limits almost every day, and our amazing bodies rise to the challenge, for a time. 

But there comes a day when, if we have forgotten to care for our joints and cartilage, they will wear out and the quality of our lives will suffer.

The combination of two forms of glucosamine, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and boswellin extract in Frame Essentials can help to maintain proper joint function, rebuild injured cartilage and prevent the damage of every day wear and tear.


Glucosamine stimulates the production of cartilage-building proteins, helping to maintain our cartilage and replace cartilage that has been worn away through years of use or joint stress. 

It also aids in the absorption of water in the cartilage to more adequately cushion joint movement. 

Frame Essentials contains two forms of glucosamine to ensure that your body will absorb the form that best meets its needs.


MSM, a biologically active form of sulfur, is similar to that found within the synovial fluids in joints. 

Research has also shown that MSM enhances the effectiveness of glucosamine to maintain joint flexibility and mobility.

Boswellin Extract

Known for centuries for its effectiveness in maintaining healthy joints, boswellia serrata, improves blood supply to the joints. 

This helps in reducing joint swelling, maintaining mobility and reducing pain due to joint stiffness.

How About You? 

If you're active, why not employ an ounce of prevention and add Frame Essentials to your regular nutritional regimen for a healthy, mobile future?

If you're suffering from joint pain, give Frame Essentials the thirty day test. 

Take two or more Frame Essentials twice a day for thirty days and see what happens. 

Your joints will thank you!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Frame Essentials® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.
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