Free Radicals Are Bad News

Superoxide is a free radical produced by breathing. As it moves through the body, it causes imbalance among cells and can ultimately lead to disease.

To stop this molecule, the body relies on antioxidants (cancer fighters). One of the most powerful antioxidants is superoxide dismutase (SOD). The SOD enzyme in BarleyLife allows the formerly dangerous free radical superoxide to return to a balanced oxygen molecule.

The reaction of SOD to superoxide is unlimited, so a single SOD enzyme can interact with thousands of different superoxide molecules in its lifetime. SOD is about 3,500 times more efficient at counteracting superoxide than vitamin C.

A test method for SOD called superoxide radical scavenging capacity (SORAC) reports a 972 value per serving of BarleyLife, which is significantly greater than the SORAC values of of onions, apples and cherries.

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