What Is The Best Way To Mix BarleyLife?

What is the best way to mix BarleyLife to minimize clumps?

The best way to mix BarleyLife is to first add water or juice to the AIM blender bottle.

Then add the powder and shake vigorously. This will result in a foamy head about 1½ inches (4 cm) tall or about twice as high as it used to be.

If you look closely at this foam you will notice little or no green specs in it. This coupled with virtually no green sludge at the bottom of your empty glass ensures that the powder is more soluble than ever.

An ineffective way to mix BarleyLife is water first, then powder, then stirring it with a spoon. It is important to use a blender bottle, shaker cup, or mini hand blender, to get the best mixing and tasting BarleyLife.

As for me, I take BarleyLife with a spoon and then down it with a bottle of water. But I have been taking it now for 20 years, so I have gotten used to the taste, which can be quite strong for new users of BarleyLife.

BarleyLife is also available in veggie capsules, for those who would rather not mix it in a blender bottle, glass or taking it straight with a spoon.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™