Which Model Will You Choose? by Dr. Stan Abrams, M.D.

The Disease Model
1. Philosophy: Health is the absence of symptoms.

2. Cause: Believe that most disease results from a flaw in the genetic pool. Drug companies are spending millions of dollars searching for medications that will mask the symptoms.

3. Concern: With present problems, not as concerned with future health.

4. Focus: On symptoms, not underlying cause. Those using this model look primarily at symptoms with little time spent looking for the underlying cause of disease.

5. Treatment Plan: Symptom management.

6. Expected Treatments: medications and surgery, often for a lifetime and in addition for cancer: chemotherapy and radiation.
  • All unnatural and very stressful for the body. These treatments create many new problems for the brain, the nervous system, the glands and organs and, in fact, for the whole body. 
  • These treatments often have a negative affect on health and longevity. 
  • After a diagnosis is made the physician looks to pharmaceutical companies, in whom there is great faith, to find a drug to relieve the symptoms. 
The pharmaceutical industry spends thousands of dollars on education, gifts and sample medications for physicians. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry supplies major money to advertise in professional magazines, along with grants for much of the medical research.

7. Eexpected Results:
  • Quick fixes 
  • Repeated visits 
  • Prescriptions re-filled, adjusted or changed. Many medications must be maintained for life. 
  • Many physicians will prescribe a second drug to treat the side effects of the first medication. Then, yet another prescription is prescribed to treat the side effects of the first two. When this happens, your health and even your life can be threatened. Any time you combine more than two prescription drugs, you are entering unknown and dangerous territory. 
  • More tests will be needed to monitor disease process. 
  • Little chance of returning to vibrant health. 
This Disease Model is great for emergency care, but fails in chronic disease treatment. 


Because the underlying cause is not addressed. We are blessed to have the finest crisis-care available in the world. If you ever need emergency medical care, don't hesitate to go to the hospital. 

However, if you are seeking true healthcare, you must take responsibility for your health. It is completely up to you.

The Health Model

1. Philosophy: Health is not only the absence of symptoms but includes good mental and physical health, with the vitality to enjoy and contribute each day for a long lifetime.

2. Cause: Poor lifestyle choices and environmental toxins. Those who practice this model see health as the absence of any bodily abuse such as alcohol, tobacco, medication (over-the-counter or prescribed), over-eating, poor diet, not enough sleep or rest and relaxation, lack of exercise and fresh air, not drinking enough water and poor stress management.

3. Concern: To protect future health and longevity.

4. Focus: On the underlying cause of symptoms

5. Treatment Plan: Eliminate causes. They see poor lifestyle choices directly affecting health. Good lifestyle choices are essential for vibrant good health and there is a lot of emphasis on the best available foods as well as the best medicine.

6. Expected Treatment Includes adopting essential keys for health:
  • Whole food diet : fresh, unrefined, without additives and rich in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds and whole food, juice concentrates:

    - Garden Trio: BarleyLife, Just Carrots, and RediBeets. For better assimilation of nutrients, add PrepZymes digestive enzymes, one or more with each meal. 
  •  Purified water is the beverage used throughout the day except with meals. 
  • Maintain a clean colon and a good population of friendly bacteria. Eat a whole food diet, include Herbal Fiberblend, and Herbal Release for a healthy colon and lymphatic system and FloraFood to supply friendly colon bacteria which are essential workers. 
  • Maintain proper acid/base (alkaline/acid) balance. Fresh fruits and vegetables along with Garden Trio: BarleyLife, Just Carrots, and RediBeets all alkaline to promote proper pH balance at the cellular level. Disease loves an acid environment, so stay more alkaline! 
  • Exercise daily thirty minutes. Get outside for fresh air and sunshine exposure, but avoid using sunscreen. 
  • Simple remedies: Hydrotherapy: hot and cold packs; hot soaks, massage and other non-toxic and beneficial therapies. Don't forget cleanses such as Para 90 - parasites; Herbal Fiberblend and Herbal Release
for a clean, healthy colon and lymphatic system, as well regular use of BarleyLife - general mild daily detoxification. 

7. Expected Results: No quick fixes. The body heals perfectly, but it is never in a hurry. The body has to get rid of toxins before it can begin the healing process. You must cooperate by adopting an excellent whole food diet, pure water, fresh, pure air, sunshine, rest and trust in God. 

Persons suffering from autoimmune, fatigue, sleep disorders, memory disorders, chronic depression, cancer, coronary disease, digestive disorders and other diseases will experience profound improvements. 

Results are strictly up to you. Results depend on willingness to correct lifestyle mistakes. Much improved health or a return to vibrant good health.

There are many laws of health. You can defy gravity by jumping off a building, but you are not exempt from its effects. Health laws must be obeyed. No one is exempt. 

Please look at the Health Model carefully. 

Will nutrition make a difference? Yes! It will make a difference in your performance, body structure, vitality, longevity and aging process. 

I challenge you to adopt it!

by Dr. Stan Abrams, M.D.
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