"Today my back pain is completely gone, my leg is almost a hundred percent healed. I'm walking without a limp now, even running."

"In early 2010, I went through a very traumatic event. It reaffirmed my belief that given the proper natural treatment, the body can heal and repair itself and pain can be practically eliminated without the use of medication.

It all started with sciatica, a common condition that results in pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Since this nerve extends from the lower back down both legs, pain radiates in these parts of the body.

In my case, I was suffering from severe sciatica for about six months. One day, I was up on a ladder trimming hedges (word of advice - balancing on a ladder while holding a power tool is not a good idea - back pain or not).

A few days later, as I was leaning over to get into a car, a disc in my back ruptured (like jelly squirting out of a donut!). The pain was so intense it felt as though someone had slashed me with a knife and poured hot oil down my leg! 

I immediately turned pale and almost fainted. I couldn't move an inch in any direction, so I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital.

In the ER, I was given painkillers, a cortisone shot, and valium. Since I had been taking BarleyLife regularly for almost a year before the injury, I decided to stop taking all the drugs, including Motrin, after just two days. I'm the type of person who doesn't even take an aspirin for a headache.

Instead, I called my very helpful mentor Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen (certified nutritionist and Member of The AIM Companies). 

She gave me a testimony about how AIM products helped heal a back injury and recommended which products to use. 

I started taking AIM supplements and they helped to heal my back and leg almost immediately.

My AIM regimen consisted of:
  • Cell Wellness Restorer bath every morning 
  • 6 Frame Essentials (2 capsules 3 times per day) 
  • 6 to 9 Proancynol 2000 capsules (2 or 3 capsules 3 times per day) 
  • 6 to 8 tsp. of BarleyLife daily
I used well over the recommended dosages, since my body was in what I call emergency healing mode and required therapeutic levels. 

I also had a healthy diet - no processed foods. 

While taking my daily Cell Wellness baths, I did visual imagery - mentally picturing the disc fragment breaking up.

Although my back pain was intense and I was literally dragging my leg behind me, I did not take any drugs, not even one Motrin from that day on, just AIM products. 

Gradually my symptoms started to subside and I was able to slowly start walking again.

The same day I started taking AIM products, I went for an MRI that showed the disc was compressing almost 80 percent of my sciatic nerve. 

I heard from someone who had a herniated disc that compressed only about thirty percent of his sciatic nerve. He said his back pain was "mind-blowing" and had been on two different painkillers for two months.

After taking AIM supplements for a few weeks, my pain was drastically reduced. Initially crawling on the floor in pain, I was now walking down the block with just a slight limp. Although the back pain was subsiding, I still felt intense spasms and numbness in my leg, so I went to the doctor.

First I saw a spine specialist and then a neurosurgeon. Both doctors were shocked that I could even walk, wasn't in excruciating pain and still had bladder and bowel control. 

They had expected to see me roll in on a wheelchair, because my MRI was in the top five percent of the worst cases they'd ever seen.

I explained to each doctor that my MRI no longer represented what I was feeling in my body, because I was taking supplements and believed they were breaking up the fragment and healing the ruptured disc. 

Of course, they all but laughed me off. They didn't believe the disc fragment could break up that easily and quickly, if at all. They recommended surgery.

At the doctor's office, I had spoken to the patient whose disc was compressing about 30 percent of his sciatic nerve and found out he had had surgery, which immediately took his back pain away and he was walking the same day. 

Since I also had nerve dysfunction, both doctors told me if left untreated, my disc could slip out even more at the slightest movement and cause more severe nerve damage that could take years to heal or possibly be permanent.

The neurosurgeon sounded so confident he could get rid of my back pain and the nerve issues in my leg, that despite my fear and hesitation, two days later I went in for the supposedly half-hour surgical procedure.

As soon as I woke up from the anesthesia, the surgeon was standing over me to tell me the "bad" news. 

First, he was amazed to find there wasn't a big disc fragment in there as the MRI had shown, only little pieces. Just as I predicted, my natural healing regimen was working, although he'd never admit to that!

Unfortunately, because they were looking for that big piece, they were in there picking at my nerve for over two hours. 

So after the surgery, I was even in more pain than from the original injury. 

It felt like someone had smashed my back with a hammer. The nerve in my leg was so irritated, it was misfiring, causing even worse pain and cramping than before.

Once again, I went off all medication only a few days after surgery and resumed my AIM product regimen. 

I also added Composure to help soothe my nerve irritation and CalciAIM to help rebuild and strengthen my bones. 

Today my back pain is completely gone, my leg is almost a hundred percent healed. I'm walking without a limp now, even running.

To this day, the surgeon believes the disc "broke off" and is still floating somewhere in my back. He actually wanted to do another surgery, but I haven't seen him since the initial stitches came out. I don't plan on going back.

To review my AIM regimen, each of the products I am taking had a specific purpose in my healing process:

Cell Wellness Restorer has magnesium, which helped soothe my muscle spasms and back pain. I took that bath every single morning without exception. I couldn't walk unless I did.

I also took Proancynol 2000 for the antioxidants it provided. The damage to my disc was creating free radical damage on a cellular level and since antioxidants neutralize free radicals, I think these nutrients deserve much of the credit, along with BarleyLife in helping dissolve that disc. 

Besides antioxidants, the nutrients and enzymes in BarleyLife helped speed the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Frame Essentials contains glucosamine, MSM and boswellia - natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients with no side effects, so I didn't need painkillers.

Since I'm currently studying to be a nutritionist and health coach, I'm learning so much about the amazing healing capacity of the body and how much of it depends on proper nutrition. 

I'm so glad I had products from The AIM Companies to help me through this healing journey and to witness this incredible process firsthand!" - Judy Serino, New York City

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