"He's a miracle."

"I forgot to tell him not to fall."

That thought woke Lois King early on the morning of July 12, 1995. Her son Nick had already left for work.

At the construction site, Nick was walking in the rafters when he fell twenty-five feet onto a concrete floor. 

He hit the floor feet first with such impact that he bounced back into the air, crashed through wooden sawhorses and slammed the back of his head against the concrete.

He was rushed to the hospital. 

Miraculously, Nick did not break any bones or injure his spinal cord in the fall.

However, doctors feared brain trauma. Within twenty-four hours, Nick lapsed and was rushed into emergency neurosurgery. Three days after surgery, Nick had yet to wake up.

"The surgeon said that there was no sign of life. Nick was totally brain dead," Lois said. "He gave us papers to donate his organs."

Lois refused to give up hope. She and her family sat at Nick's bedside for six weeks while he remained in a coma. 

Around the hospital, Nick earned the nickname, "The boy who wouldn't die."

Six weeks after he was given up for dead, Nick awoke from his coma. His vision was gone and he was without even the most basic of motor skills. But his memory was still in tact. 

It was a miracle for him to even be alive.

Once at home, Nick had chronic diarrhea. Lois then consulted Teresa Schumacher about Herbal Fiberblend. Nick immediately started taking it.

"Three weeks and two days later, the diarrhea stopped," Nick said.

The next hurdle was his vision. 

Nick could see peripherally out of his right eye and chose to attend a school in Denver, Colorado, to learn how to live with impaired vision. 

Lois sent him Proancynol 2000. The results were immediate.

"The first time I got light perception in my left eye is after taking the Proancynol," Nick said.

And the good results continued.

"In January 2000, the eye doctor said there's nothing he could do. Well, since then, my sight improved. Now, I can see stuff out of my left eye, and my right eye just keeps getting better."

In addition to vision help, Nick also regained feeling and strength in his left hand, something he had been without since the accident.

Fifteen years after the accident, Nick is living independently at his house in Olathe, Kansas, working for a local restaurant, and serving as the vice chair of the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board.

In addition, Nick lost seventy-two pounds within a year, thanks to exercise, diet, and AIM nutrition. 

He also was taking prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

"With the AIM products and the weight loss, I was able to get off all five medicines I was taking," Nick said.

Says his mother, Lois, "He's a miracle."

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