"I feel I've found what I've been looking for for so long - an alleviation of the pain."

"For many years since 1981, I've been suffering with chronic arthritis and fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist prescribed a number of medications (Aledrex, Bertra, Vioxx), but I didn't want to take them." 

"A short time after taking them I told my doctor, 'No more.' I would rather deal with the pain, because I felt they were doing me more harm."

"I have a long, long history of heart disease in my family. I have always believed in 'natural' healing, even as a teenager. I'm now seventy years old. My goal is to get off medication."

"I first saw Dr. Chen's name on a small news clipping in my cardiologists' office. I asked my cardiologist about her and he only had high praises for her." 

"It was two years later when I saw a flyer in my local organic supermarket with her name on it. I called her immediately and went to my first meeting of the 'Healthy Weight for Life' program the following evening."

"I feel I've found what I've been looking for for so long - an alleviation of the pain. In less than one month on the nutrition program with Dr. Chen's guidance, Herbal Fiberblend and the Garden Trio, many changes happened in my body that really astounded me."

"Hot days, cold, rain, snow. I seem to have lessening pain and a testament to that is I'm sleeping so peacefully - eight, nine, ten hours a night. I used to wake up five or six times a night to shift my body to a different position. Due to the spinal stenosis, I kept looking for a comfortable place and only slept two or three hours a night."

"My digestive system had become so mixed up for years. I was dealing with constipation, but Herbal Fiberblend and fit 'n fiber have helped immensely. I feel I have rid my body of many toxins. I'm full of energy."

"I was on Lipitor for four years. In the fourth year, I started having muscular problems. Where I used to walk around my block three times - one mile - I couldn't do it for a year. Now I'm walking the mile again - and more - five times a week."

"In a short month, there have been many, many other improvements. My cravings have subsided, I don't feel hungry any more, I've lost eight pounds and a cyst has diminished in size." 

"If there is nothing else in my pantry, Herbal Fiberblend and fit 'n fiber will be there." - Carol Ann Roberts, Port Jefferson Station, New York

P.S. Herbal Fiberblend, fit 'n fiber and the Garden Trio are for people who believe nutrition matters. 

They believe concentrated nutrition makes a difference in their health.

Does that sound like you? 

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Herbal Fiberblend®, fit 'n fiber® and the Garden Trio® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.
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