Acid Reflux, Digestive Enzymes and Good Health

Enzymes are proteins that behave like a workforce, making it all happen inside the body down to the cellular level. Thousands of enzymes are present within individual cells and body systems, and each one has a function.

Your body requires specific enzymes to digest food, transport nutrients, balance cholesterol and triglycerides, clean out toxins, strengthen your immune system and so many other functions.

In other words, enzymes act as the catalysts for all biochemical reactions in your body, so you need to maintain a strong workforce.

Your body naturally produces enzymes and they are also present in food. 

However, cooking food deactivates most of its enzymes. If you eat processed foods, you might not have enough enzyme workers to thoroughly digest the bulk of this modern diet.

Without enough food enzymes, your body draws on its other enzymes to help with digestion, compromising other body systems, such as your immune system.

When food is not properly digested, it can lead to a buildup of waste that remains in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, where toxins are released and can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Additionally, your enzymatic workforce is downsized as you age. With fewer enzymes being produced by your body, food digestion can take a longer time, and as a result, you may not get all of the available nutrients.

For digestion and the multitude of other bodily functions that require enzymes, Prepzymes can supplement the enzymes in your body and food to help maintain this vital workforce.

Digestive Enzymes

Your digestive system begins with your mouth. When you're hungry and you think about something you would like to eat, you begin salivating. That is the enzymes in your saliva, preparing to go to work even before you start chewing some food.

After you swallow and the food enters the gastric acid in your stomach, digestion continues through more enzymatic activity. But that is not where it stops. In fact, a vital result of digestion takes place in your small intestine, where, with the help of digestive enzymes released by the pancreas, nutrients are extracted and enter the bloodstream.

PrepZymes provides digestive enzymes that are active in both acidic (stomach) and alkaline (intestine) environments. This means they make it to your stomach to aid digestion, as well as into the intestine, where they help the body absorb vital nutrients from digested food.

The Breakdown

Food consists of a variety of elements, including protein, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. The variety of cultured enzymes in PrepZymes helps to break down these elements, so your food is thoroughly digested, its nutrients are available for use by your body, and waste is eliminated.

The PrepZymes formula also includes alpine wild garlic leaf, which aids in digestion and provides antioxidant properties for repairing metabolic damage, and papaya fruit powder, which helps to digest protein and soothe your stomach.

When you are properly digesting food, you are contributing to the overall health of your body. 

Why not let PrepZymes make a healthy contribution to your good health?

What People Are Saying

"Several years ago I had acid reflux very bad and a hiatal hernia. The doctor wanted me to take Prevacid (drug that reduces stomach-acid production).

I had just started using the AIM products. I had read about PrepZymes, and with prayer and PrepZymes it seemed to get better. Two years later I went back for the gastrointestinal test, and "Wow!" no sign of the hernia, and the acid was under control.

The doctor had asked me to bring my medicines, so I showed him my PrepZymes. He looked at the PrepZymes and said, "This is a good product, but it wouldn’t take away a hiatal hernia." I told him that's all I’ve taken, and if you can't explain it, I can't either, but I'll keep taking my PrepZymes. And I have.

By the way, I've also noticed if I ever get an upset stomach or nauseous feeling, I can take a PrepZymes, and it's just gone." - Lois King, Olathe, Kansas

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