15 Gold Nuggets About BarleyLife

1. BarleyLife is a fresh, concentrated whole food juice powder from young organically grown barley grass; available in powder or veggie capsules. It is well documented that green vegetable juices are the most nutrient dense, protective, and healing foods in the diet. Sadly, the most often eaten "vegetable" in North America is French fries. Vegetables that are not nutrient dense, such as iceberg lettuce and French fries, do not offer the protection of BarleyLife. Drink BarleyLife several times a day and see the enormously positive impact it will have on your health and quality of life.

2. Our bodies were designed to take in nutrients from foods. BarleyLife is a whole-food concentrate and our bodies know exactly what to do with foods. When all the nutrients arrive in the small intestine at the same time they act as transporter molecules for each other and easily cross the intestinal wall barrier, get into the blood stream, and from there they penetrate the cell membrane. It doesn't matter how many vitamin/mineral pills you take, if they don't make it to your cells they never do you any good at all.

Note: Numerous green drinks have flooded the marketplace, often labeled "green super foods." They are nothing more than milled grass (finely ground dried grass), which is cheap to make and allows a high profit margin. They cannot and will not deliver the kind of results that drinking a concentrated green juice powder will.

3. It takes 15 pounds of barley grass to produce one pound of highly concentrated barley juice powder (15:1). Some other green products boast a 33:1 ratio from grass to juice, which is misleading. These products utilize inefficient methods to remove the juice from the grass and as a result more pounds of grass are used to yield less juice. Some products that contain barley, wheat or alfalfa juice claim to be better, however, a simple look at some key nutrients (beta carotene, calcium, protein, and chlorophyll) shows that BarleyLife quality and nutrient content are very high.

4. BarleyLife now takes one-third less for the same burst of energy. Because of utilizing a new state of the art spray dryer a smaller particle is produced. This allows BarleyLife powder to be denser. It now only takes two teaspoonfuls rather than three and not only is there now a 40 percent increased dispersion, but a smoother, milder taste. It is easier to mix, takes less product, and is consistently a rich, dark-green color, and there is a decrease in the speckles on the side of the glass.

5. BarleyLife is the lowest cost, highest quality barley juice powder available. Price reduced to only $30 U.S., $34 Canadian. Despite its superior quality it costs as low as 22 cents per teaspoon including shipping. Compare this to others that cost as much as 73 cents per teaspoon. BarleyLife jars now contains 10.58 oz (300 grams by weight) in a smaller jar. (This is due to the fact the powder is now more dense). Because BarleyLife is now grown in the United States, it is more economical to ship and that savings is being passed on to you.

6. BarleyLife crops are grown by organic methods in the rich soils of the northern United States. It is important that barley is grown where the ground is clean, has never been heavily farmed, and there are no nearby smokestack industries. No irrigation system is in place; rainwater supplies the necessary moisture.

7. AIM barley crops are harvested when the plants are bursting with nutrition, at 10 to 12 inches, before the plant uses its nutrients to make the stalk and grain. Cheaper products allow much taller leaves for more volume, but fewer nutrients.

8. AIM barley crops are cut only once. Lower quality products utilize second and third cuttings to increase profits. Each cutting severely reduces nutrients.

9. BarleyLife takes only seven minutes from cutting to juicing. During harvest, the barley grass never touches the ground. AIM barley grass is harvested using patent-pending technology, capturing the maximum available nutrition and minimizing oxidation and microbial count. Other producers allow the harvested grass to sit for hours before juicing, which seriously depletes nutrient content.

10. AIM barley grass is powdered at low temperatures using the most advanced and efficient methods. This ensures maximum freshness and nutrition, while keeping intact the enzymes.

11. BarleyLife contains a small amount of brown rice. Kelp and brown rice compose less than 5 percent total. Brown rice is a gluten-free grain and is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins which include thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9), cyanocobalamin (B12), pantothenic acid, and biotin; and is recognized worldwide for its benefits.

12. BarleyLife contains small amounts of whole kelp powder, not ashed kelp. Kelp contains an abundance of important minerals as well as other nutrients. These nutrients boost overall health and strengthen the immune system. Studies have shown that kelp contains antibacterial properties, has anti-tumor effects in lab animals, and is beneficial to the heart and the thyroid gland.

13. BarleyLife utilizes high quality (low DE) maltodextrin to provide a protective shield for the fragile barley juice. This locks in the nutrients, prevents oxidation, and preserves the enzymes. This shield is naturally removed when BarleyLife is mixed in liquid or dissolved in the mouth. Maltodextrin may also act as a carrier for some of the nutrients providing even better assimilation in the body. Other barley products use a less expensive, sweeter, higher DE maltodextrin, or none at all. The maltodextrin in BarleyLife is completely safe for diabetics.

14. BarleyLife is loaded with biologically active phytochemicals. It has at least 10 different phytochemicals with anti-tumor activity; over 20 phytochemicals with "cancer preventive" activity; at least 19 with anti-inflammatory activity; at least 8 with immuno stimulant activity, at least 7 with anti-ulcer activity, and this list of phytochemical activities of barley grass is not even close to being complete. These scientific findings validate the experiences of thousands of AIM Members over the years as they report improvements in their health. Taken from Dr. James Duke's phytochemical and ethnobotanical. Dr. Duke spent many years creating what he calls "Father Nature's Farmacy Database." He is convinced that plants offer as good or better results than drugs for many disorders.

15. Conclusion: BarleyLife is a balanced source of super-nutrition containing the most complete source of naturally occurring plant compounds that fight disease, including cancer, of any whole-food in existence today. Based on past experience, we believe BarleyLife contains nutrients yet to be identified that are difficult to get in our day-to-day diet.

Nutrition is truly one of the most powerful keys to good health. Yet, people eat fast food and junk food for many meals. The bottom line: You cannot grind up a whole food, bleach it, heat it to extreme temperatures, preserve it with chemicals, and call it food. 

That is why BarleyLife is the best 'fast food' available on earth today. It has made a big impact on our health and we know that it will for you too.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™