Good Habits, Bad Habits and Health

An article from Yahoo's headline news featured a twenty-year study on four habits: smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet. 
Those habits affect your age by as much as twelve years.

This study had some very good news:
  • Non-smokers and former smokers 

  • People who drink less than two drinks a day 

  • Those who get two hours of physical activity per week 

  • Those who eat any kind of fruit or vegetable three times a day 

are literally four times less likely to die prematurely than people with the opposite behaviors.

The even better news is you don't have to get it perfect all the time. Doing three out of four most of the time puts you in healthy company.

You can handle a few drinks every now and then. And just because you have one couch-potato week doesn’t mean you have to make lethargy a life habit. 

Minor deviations are fine as long as your daily habits are healthy. 

This goes to show how resilient is the human body.

The main lesson?

Take care of your body when you're young, and when you get older, it will take care of you.
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