God, The Bible and Wheat

"How can something that the Bible refers to as The Staff of Life be the source of so much modern illness?

Didn't God nourish the Israelites with the bread (manna) from heaven?

Well, according to gluten expert Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, seven out of ten people are sensitive to gluten, the toxic protein found in most grains.

Were the Israelites somehow exempt from gluten's wrath?

Or was the all-knowing God a little behind on his research?"

The truth is we are not eating the same grains that Moses may have snacked on as he hiked up Mount Sinai.

In fact, we're not even eating the same grains our grandparents ate.

In fifty years, grains - wheat, in particular - have become a mutant species crafted by the hands of human intervention in the name of increased crop yields, resistance to drought, disease, and heat, as well as an end to world hunger - all of which are honorable causes and tremendous scientific achievements.

However, the accelerated evolution of wheat through hybridization has been to the detriment of human health." - Sean Croxton, Underground Wellness
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