The Biggest Loser - Losing More Than Weight

According to a recent study, the participants on The Biggest Loser who are starving themselves and exercising all day may be damaging their metabolism.

"In an abstract presented at the most recent Obesity Society Annual Scientific Assembly, Darcy Johannsen and friends reported that by week 6 participants had lost 13 percent of their body weight and by week 30, 39 percent. 

More interestingly, they reported that by week 6 participant's metabolisms had slowed by 244 more calories per day than would have been expected by their weight loss and by week 30, by 504 more calories."

And you wonder why the standard advice for losing weight usually doesn't work? 

As the doctor who wrote an article about the study put it:

"That's basically a meal's worth of calories a day that Biggest Loser contestants no longer burn as a consequence of their involvement. Effectively that means they're eating an extra meal a day. How do you think you'd do at maintaining your weight if you ate an extra meal a day?"

When it comes to weight loss, who do you trust?
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