How Do You Introduce Network Marketing?

Crazy expectations? 

Have we brought these on ourselves by the way we sell this business?
We know how the business is SOLD at the recruiting meetings:

"The product sells itself!"

"It's just like recommending a restaurant! You do that, don't you?"

"Look at this tuna boat fisherman! If he can do it, you can do it!"

"Make full-time income, part-time!"

"Anyone can do this!"

"It's easy!"

"It's simple!"

That is what most people are sold. 

And then they get in. Many with no previous business, sales or network marketing experience.

After the person is in, they start to hear about:
  • how long it will take 

  • how much work it is

  • how much they have to skill up

  • how much they have to invest in their education…
The bad news: All of this is saved for after a person signs up.

Until we recruit with these kinds of messages - not save them for people who are already in, and who were told an entirely different story in the recruiting meeting - we won't be seen by the rest of the world as a profession.

No profession I know of recruits by telling their prospects how easy it will be or how anyone can do it.

No medical school. No law school…No profession.

Recruiting Methods  

Recruiting methods are what brought down one network marketing company. 

Telling recruits they could earn $50,000 a week - and until we stop doing that at our recruiting events - we won't draw in many people who expect this will be work.

Because in the recruiting meeting, they heard the opposite story.

I love our industry. I have trained and continue to train hundreds of reps each year.

I hate how people with no previous sales or business experience are sold the business.

Only after they sign up, do they hear what it really takes. It would be better to be upfront about the required skills and work.

Don't you think?

P.S. I've been preaching this for over twenty years. However, it has fallen on deaf ears, because the industry prospecting practices are designed to get those initial orders. 

Everyone makes money on them…the companies and the upline.

Of course, then ninety-five percent drop out after they find out what is really involved…and that's when - amazing - all the trainers appear with their many books, courses, seminars and webinars to show people how much they have to learn, practice and how long it will take to build their business.

All of which has been kept back until after they join, commit, and pay their money.

(Commit based on what they were told.)

P.P.S I'm referring to inexperienced people here. Those with no prior sales, marketing or business experience.

It's they who get drawn in by the fast, easy income and learn it's totally false.

And we wonder why they leave with a bad taste in their mouths?

But. This. Can. Be. Remedied.

Recruit like a medical school.

Recruit like a law school.

Let folks know the beautiful benefits and the transformation they get to go through - learning marketing and sales - to get there.


Once you can market and sell, you never need a job again.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™