My Criteria For Health Products

Anytime I buy a health product or decide to market it, there are five things I want to know about it.

1. Is it a drug or non-drug?

2. Is it non-toxic?

3. Does it help my body to heal itself?

4. Does it work?

5. Why was it created? What's the philosophy behind the product?

This is my process. The order is critical. Notice the first criteria is not, "Does it work?" or "Will it sell?"

I don't care about it if it's a drug or toxic product. Drugs work for many people, but I believe they're toxic to the body. They ease the pain, yes, but they don't stimulate the body to fix itself. Drugs effectively hide the problem, temporarily. And there are very scary side effects, like liver damage.

When it comes to drugs, they should be used as a last resort. We have the best emergency care in the world. However, there needs to be more emphasis on prevention. That's why it's important to take charge of your own health.

It's also why I don't hesitate to give our little man BarleyLife Xtra. He's a picky eater and I want to make sure his growing body is getting everything it needs for good health.

So what's your criteria when it comes to buying health products?
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™