How To Take BarleyLife Xtra

For best results:
  • Take BarleyLife Xtra on an empty stomach, at least thirty minutes before meals.
  • It's best to take BarleyLife Xtra first thing in the morning, when you truly have an empty stomach.
  • Another way to take it is at least two hours after a meal 
  • Any other time during the day when you feel tired or sleepy
Start with one tablespoon, two to three times a day, for the first three days. You can then gradually increase this amount to meet your individual needs.

BarleyLife Xtra is a food. You can safely take any amount you want.

It's best to take BarleyLife Xtra in pure water. You can also mix it in your favorite vegetable or fruit juice (except prune or cranberry).

You can also take BarleyLife Xtra dry under your tongue and allow it to slowly dissolve.

If you have some detoxification symptoms during the first three days, such as mild headaches or sluggishness, take less of it. Then work your way back to one tablespoon when these symptoms are gone. Be glad - your body is cleansing itself of harmful toxins.

(Roughly one percent of first-time users of BarleyLife Xtra will have any these symptoms.)

P.S. BarleyLife Xtra contains 18 fruits and vegetables and comes in a powder. 

It's for people who know they should eat more fruits and veggies every day, but don't because they're busy.

Does that sound like you?
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