An Excellent Supplement For Pregnancies

When my wife was pregnant with our son Brady, one of the supplements she took was BarleyLife.

She made sure our little man was getting everything he needed for good health.

BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra are excellent food supplements to consider for pregnancies. They contain most of the nutrients an expectant mother needs. 

And taking BarleyLife Xtra is no different than eating extra servings of green vegetables, minus the fiber.

According to Baby On The Way magazine, the following nutrients are highly important for women who are pregnant:

Calcium - Develops bones and teeth

Iron - Produces red blood cells and a healthy blood supply

Vitamin C - Produces collagen, which gives structure to bones and cartilage

Folic Acid - Helps to produce blood, protein and enzyme functions

Vitamin A - Development of skin and internal organs

Sodium - Too much sodium can be harmful. The sodium content in BarleyLife Xtra is naturally occurring and completely safe.

BarleyLife Xtra contains these nutrients, and many more.

And because BarleyLife Xtra is made from real food, there are no negative side effects and the baby's body knows exactly what to do with the nutrients.

Why not give it a try today?

Note: When considering a dietary supplement, it is recommended you first consult with your healthcare practitioner.
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