Are You Tired During The Day?

Seventy-five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated and suffer from daytime fatigue. This means you likely need more water in your diet.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons people run out of energy during the day. It can also cause symptoms such as nausea, stomach aches, and confusion.

Drinking at least eight servings (8 oz.) of water each day will increase your energy and help you metabolize fat easier. Toddlers should drink two to three ounces of water per hour and older children should drink four to six ounces per hour.

Among the significant benefits of water is that it can help ease back and joint pain for eighty percent of those individuals who suffer.

In fact, only five servings of water a day help reduce colon cancer by forty-five percent and cut the risk of bladder cancer by fifty percent. Not to mention it can cut your chances of breast cancer by seventy-nine percent.

Start the day out with a pitcher of water filled with your target amount. Then, you will be able to see exactly the amount you have drunk by the end of the day. Drinking sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime is a great way to get your water when you are dining out or at a party.

And remember to always take a bottle of water with you when traveling.

Drinking more water, along with supplementing your diet, are a quick and easy way to increase your energy throughout the day.

Considering the health benefits, drinking more water each day suddenly doesn't seem so bad, does it?
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