The Ten Fattest Countries

1) American Samoa, 93.5 percent (of population that's overweight)
2) Kiribati, 81.5 percent
3) USA, 66.7 percent
4) Germany, 66.5 percent
5) Egypt, 66 percent
6) Bosnia-Herzegovina, 62.9 percent
7) New Zealand, 62.7 percent
8) Israel, 61.9 percent
9) Croatia, 61.4 percent
10) United Kingdom, 61 percent

Source: Here

Why are we fat and tired most of the time? 

It's what we eat.

Over the last twenty years, real food has been replaced with highly processed and refined food-like substances. 

Think 100 percent grass-fed beef versus Spam. Or pastured chicken versus Chicken McNuggets (56 percent corn plus butane.)

Here's why that's making you fat:

People are hungry all the time after eating nutritionless sweets, pastas, cereals, fake meats and more. 

Worse, things like powdered eggs or fake guacamole contain many anti-nutrients. 

Consequently, the body has to work to get rid of them before it can use what's left - which is the calories.

Our eating habits are now hazards.

How do we make it cool once again to eat real food?
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