Better Health with BarleyLife

by Judie Westbrook

On our journey to better health, one of the new disciplines that we added to our life was juicing. We started juicing in 1979 and we still do it to this day.

It all began with a large sack of carrots. Later, we ventured into as many veggies as our juicer would handle and our garden or produce co-op provided. 

In 1994, we added another dimension to our juicing; we added wheatgrass.

This was not an easy task to accomplish, but was done out of sheer determination to do all we knew to do to improve and care for our health.

You are probably wondering, "Why did you juice grass?"

We mow grass, we have picnics on grass, we feed our animals grass and some people have been known to even smoke grass!

What ever caused us to juice it?

The value of green juice came to our attention through seminars we attended by famous health advocates and through reading books by famous health pioneers.

Many famous health clinics, such as the Gerson Institute, the Optimum Health Institute, Ann Wigmore in Boston and the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, have found invaluable benefits from using green juices.

Pioneers such as Paul Bragg, Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. H.E. Kirschner had great success in helping others overcome health problems, with healthy diets that included green juices.

To help Greg and improve the overall health of our family, I started our own ‘garden’ of various greens in our basement.

At a restaurant supply house, we purchased one hundred cafeteria trays. Organic seeds, mulch and large sprouting trays were also part of our ‘garden’ supplies. Our basement soon was covered with trays of different greens.

Each day we cut, washed, replanted and juiced our greens. Our juice varied from day to day, depending on the available greens. Some days produced juice that was very tasty, but some where difficult to get down.

We always drank a few ounces of plain wheat grass by itself. It was temperamental in growing and the taste varied from bitter to more sweet.

Our daughter, Sarah, had the hardest time keeping wheatgrass juice down, but none of us really enjoyed our green drink. We would hold our breath and drink, believing in the wonderful virtues of greens.

We have since learned the Gerson Institute does not use wheat grass or other strong tasting greens in their green juice, because it is upsetting to the stomach of their patients. They believed that was defeating to the road of recovery and a hindrance to healing.

Sarah would have been glad to have that information at the time! We had tried to grow barley, which has a more delicate taste than wheat, but found it more difficult to grow than the wheat.

While barley was more difficult to grow, we learned barley is the plant of choice for dense nutrition. Through another man's struggle with poor health and his desire to help mankind, the benefits of barley were revealed.

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwari, a scientist and research pharmacologist, was at one time the owner of the largest drug maker in Japan, Yamashiro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

However, due to his poor diet and his exposure to chemicals in his work, his health was destroyed.

By the age of 38, he lost both his physical health and part of this mental strength.

While trying to regain his health with his own products, Dr. Hagiwari found the synthetic pharmaceuticals his own company was producing were ineffective.

He realized all of his work was for nothing and some of the products he had invented actually harmed the health of others.

In horror and despair, Dr. Hagiwari stated, "We have all gone astray in the quest for solutions where they cannot be found."

He abandoned modern medicine and was determined to give back to mankind that which he had taken away.

Dr. Hagiwari's quest was to find "the most perfect single source of health.”

In his book, Green Barley Essence, he tells how he "collected and analyzed leaves from every vegetable or grass available, if they were green at all. He then narrowed down his research to 150 kinds of green-leaved plants."

After extensive laboratory testing and years of research on these plants, he discovered the juice of young green barley plants had the greatest number of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll, of any of the green leafy plants, grasses and herbs he examined.

He concluded from his research that "green leaves of barley plants contain the most prolific, balanced supply of nutrients that exists on earth in a single source."1

Having found this source of dense nutrition, Dr. Hagiwara worked hard to get the barley into a form that would be easy for people to use. He needed to find a process that would not destroy the valuable components of the powerful leaves.

After more research and many trials, Hagiwara was able to get the green barley leaves into an easy-to-use powdered form.

After more than 25 years of research and development, his vision and desire became a reality.

He received thousands of letters from people whose health had been improved and his hope for mankind was answered beyond his own expectations.

Many were helped who had given up hope of receiving benefit from traditional methods of treatment.

The letters he received included personal testimonies of recovering from obesity, asthmas, eczema and other skin problems, anemia, reduced potency, constipation, lumbago, gastritis, diabetes, both high and low blood pressure, heart disease, hepatitis and cancer.

That was over twenty years ago.

The power of barley has not changed, but new technology has improved the availability and quality of the nutrients hidden in its leaves.

With the same passion as Hagiwara, Dennis Itami also had a vision and mission to fulfill. Itami is the founder of AIM International, the largest distributor of powdered barley juice in the world.

A farmer by profession, Itami understands the nutritional benefits of whole foods. He also understands the value of a quality whole food concentrate and continually strives to reach the highest quality.

Through his work, he has attained standards unmet by other green powder manufacturers. These high standards have made it possible for him to accomplish his mission "to improve the quality and productivity of people's lives."

This was true for our lives as well. It was in the midst of our green juicing extravaganza that we heard about the benefits that people were getting from AIM's green powder, BarleyLife.

We were not thrilled with the time it took to plant, grow and juice our own greens. However, we really did not think something in a jar could be better than freshly juiced greens.

But the stories we heard motivated our family to try a green barley powder.

We decided to use Greg as our guinea pig. It was his poor health that drove us to do all the things we were doing, so his health would have to prove the effectiveness of the green powder.

I placed an order for BarleyLife, but before I picked up the phone I remember praying and talking to the Lord. I felt this was something bigger than just placing an order.

I told the Lord, "I don't know what I'm doing, but here I go!"

That phone call changed our lives in many ways. I believe it will continue to impact our lives for many, many years.

To our surprise, BarleyLife gave Greg's health a great boost. The whole family started taking it and it has been part of our daily regimen ever since.

We gladly gave up our basement mini-farm and enjoy having that extra time for other things. BarleyLife has made good health much easier to achieve.

Health is built at the cellular level. One of the most important aspects of a healthy cell is to meet all the nutritional needs of our cells.

Let's look at the naturally occurring, God-designed nutrition that comes in BarleyLife.

Quality Control Markers

The key markers used to determine quality in BarleyLife are chlorophyll, protein, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase.

Chlorophyll is a marker of freshness. The amount of chlorophyll in a product indicates how green and healthy the grass was that produced it. The benefits of chlorophyll fall into three main categories:

1. Purifying: Chlorophyll has an antibacterial effect on wounds and an anti-yeast effect in the digestive tract. It appears to counteract many toxins in the body. Chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria.

2. Inflammation: Chlorophyll has the effect of reducing inflammation. Thus it can be used to help counteract the effects of arthritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, sore throats and other inflammatory conditions.

3. Nourishing: Chlorophyll builds blood - it is almost identical to hemoglobin; it helps promote healthy intestinal flora and assists liver cleansing.

The powerful properties of chlorophyll are one of the reasons we started a "sprout factory" in our basement.

Chlorophyll has been found to be successful in the treatment of heart disease, atherosclerosis, sinusitis,2 osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone marrow), pyorrhea and depression.

In Raw Energy, a book that introduced us to the importance of eating "live" foods, we learned that chlorophyll may also block the genetic changes which cancer-causing substances produce in cell nuclei.

Other benefits that have been found in the use of chlorophyll are:
  • Treatment of allergies 

  • Aid in absorption of nutrients 

  • Reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers 

  • Overcome chronic ear inflammation and infections 

  • Neutralize strep infections Hasten skin grafting
Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll "concentrated sun power". According to him, nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of toxins.

In a world such as ours, we need this help to overcome the pollutants in our air, our water and our food.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is another marker of quality. SOD is an enzyme with powerful antioxidant abilities.

BarleyLife has a high level of naturally occurring SOD. The known benefits of SOD are:
  • Is a super scavenger enzyme, that destroys damaging free radicals 

  • Is reported to slow down the aging process 

  • Enables our body to repair itself more quickly 

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory enzyme (good news for those with arthritis) 

  • Reduces the number and severity of abnormal hearth rhythms, called arrhythmias 

  • Acts as a cell protector, reducing changes of degenerative disease
Protein is the third marker that AIM uses for quality. The amount of protein in a product reflects its level of enzymes and amino acids.

Enzymes are markers of freshness, while amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are the major constituents of every cell and body fluid.

Peroxidase is the last marker of quality. This is another enzyme present in BarleyLife and is strong indicator of the freshness of the product.

The presence of these 'markers' in BarleyLife prove the standards used at every step of production are protecting precious vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids needed for better health.

Other important benefits of BarleyLife:

P4D1 is an important substance found in barley grass. Found by Yasuo Hotta, a biologist from the University of California, P4D1:
  • Has strong anti-peptic ulcer and anti-inflammatory function – but with non of the side effects associated with ordinary anti-inflammatory drugs 

  • Has been shown to repair the DNA in the cells of the body 

  • Has been found to suppress inflammation of the pancreas and oral cavity, fissuring at the corners of the mouth, dermatitis and colitis 

  • Makes SOD even more effective
Acid/Alkaline Balance

Our bodies need a proper acid-alkaline balance to enjoy optimal health. This balance is constantly sabotaged by a diet of mostly acidic foods, such as processed foods, especially sugar, table salt, soft drinks and refined grains.

A diet that has a high amount of these foods causes toxicity and a loss of minerals, which are all factors in poor health.

This loss of minerals is the cause of a number of new diseases we see today.

Along with a healthy balanced diet, BarleyLife® is able to improve the acid-alkaline balance because of its alkalizing effect. This is a great asset since most Americans eat mostly acidic foods.3

As we have worked to help others improve their health, we hear time and time again of the difference BarleyLife® has made. Our journey to health has taught us so much and without that journey, we would have never appreciated the excellent quality of BarleyLife.

We are thankful God has raised up men and women of courage, commitment and dedication, as well as excellence, to help others build true health. Because of their efforts, the lives of thousands of people have greatly benefited:

"Regardless of the extent or length of time you have had sick cells, they will make a Herculean effort to improve when given the right nutrients." - Mary Ruth Swope, Ph.D., nutritional educator

"Barley grass…the most complete preventive medicine available…one of the ultimate gifts of God." - Dr. James Balch, Prescription for Nutritional Healing

"Barley grass is one of the most incredible products of this decade. It improves stamina, clarity of thought and reduces addiction to things that are bad for you. It also improves the texture of the skin, and heals the dryness associated with aging." - Dr. Howard Lutz, director of the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Washington, D.C.

"Leukemia cancer cells were exposed to dehydrated barley grass extract, which killed virtually all of them. Researchers then subjected brain cancer cells to the extract. It eradicated 30-50% of these cells. In the third trial, the extract inhibited the growth of three types of prostate cancer by up to 100%." - Allen L. Goldstein, Ph.D., chairman of the Biochemistry Dept., George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, D.C.


"I test my blood monthly for hemoglobin, red blood cell count, and other markers, and my most recent test revealed the best results of my life! These numbers were far greater than after training at altitude for eight weeks. My physiologist and coaches are scratching their heads, thinking that I had a blood transfusion. I know that BarleyLife has made a major impact on my health and performance in a very short amount of time." - Debbi Lawrence, AIM sponsored Olympic race walker

"After using BarleyLife for just a few days, my husband, Alex, has a pain-free shoulder - something that he had dealt with for almost two years. His chiropractor told him that it was a frozen shoulder. He had received treatment six months ago, but was left with pain and limited mobility. BarleyLife has to be so loaded with antioxidant acting enzymes that his body could get his shoulder back to normal so quickly." - Sandy Coombs, Crescent City, Florida

"I have been taking BarleyLife, along with Herbal Fiberblend, daily for one month. For the first time in twelve years, I can eat and write with my right hand. I have intentional tremors (tremors that occur when a voluntary, coordinated movement is attempted), which causes both my hands to shake. There is no cure and none of the drugs I have tried has helped. Now, most of the shaking is gone, and I believe the rest will be gone in a couple of weeks." - Jefferson E. Newby, Sopchoppy, Florida


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